Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Organizations are entities that constitute an integral part of the society and are influenced (and they influence) from the facts of the time being, as well as their area of activity. For this reason, each organization has an important role to play in achieving the social target for sustainable development. To this effect, the organizations must adopt ethical and responsible behaviour towards the environment and the society (Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR). CSR includes the voluntary initiatives and actions undertaken from an organization, for the benefit of the society and the environment.

Our consultancy services in the field of sustainable development include the development of systems to manage health and safety, the environment, energy and social impacts. The elaboration of environmental impact assessment for upcoming projects, the guidance in preparing and publishing sustainability reports and staff training in the above topics, are the other services that we offer.

Our philosophy is the systematic and methodic approach of each case, the in depth analysis and understanding of the specific needs and problems of each case. In this way we can achieve the correct planning and smoother implementation of the system while at the same time improve the operation of the organization.