Our M&A services are addressed to sellers, including business owners seeking to join forces with investors for developing their operations or outright sale of assets as well as buyers such as strategic or institutional / financial investors. We are instrumental to “win-win” deals.

We advise sellers in formulating their offer and invitation documentation and support the pitching / negotiation process in a systematic way. Our services to buyers include the identification and diligent scrutiny of investment opportunities matching their priorities, due diligence, and support in the negotiation phase.

Our team possesses the prerequisite local and international frameworks’ knowledge and understanding. This is supported by our cumulative corporate expertise elements such as investment appraisal, project presentation and negotiation skills. We bring into deals a complete package of ethical, financial, business acumen and legal and other support. We make sure that the deal increases the wealth of all sides.

Our moto for M&A is “making things happen”

Key words:

“Wealth, Business Planning, Sustainability, Growth, Ethical, Financial, Strategic, Institutional, Due Diligence, Ultimate Business Owner, Risk Management, Compliance, Investment Memorandum, Teaser, IPO, Invitation to Invest, Confidentiality, NDA…………”