Our team will partner with the client organization to design short and longer term strategies that address your business needs and provide solutions to key operational, performance and development issues. We provide a collaborative relationship using an integrated solutions approach with unparalleled impact. Our clients don’t just hire a consultant; they get a strategic business partner with all the resources of a full service consulting firm.

Our approach to every project is methodical and systemic. Although each individual project calls for an individual perspective in methods, planning and tools, our generic methodology is presented below.

Our Consulting Process Methodology

Stage 1
Initial meeting with business leaders to explore and understand where the opportunity for improvement is and to surface underlying issues. Set client and consultant expectations, preparation of engagement letter, signing of contract with agreed deliverables and time schedule

Stage 2
Define the opportunities and recommend success pathways. Design project methodology and project action plan. Identify required resources to achieve a successful improvement-focused process.

Stage 3
Data collection and analysis. Provide feedback to the client, including recommendations for direction, timeline and implementation strategies and tactics.

Stage 4
Implementation, enabling or assisting implementation of our recommendations. Communication, both internal and external if required, training human resources as needed.

Stage 5
Evaluate implementation for business impact, fine-tuning of our service offering to match our clients’ needs. Decision on nature of post-project consulting engagement.