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Smart Facility Management

A smart building is a good example of integration between technology and built environment. The building uses data from innovative technology to continuously optimize the working environment and interreact with employees and visitors. It should not be overlooked that people will always be the most important asset within organizations, so if threats become serious emergencies, […]

Facility Management

Facility Management (FM) integrates multiple disciplines in order to have an influence on the efficiency and productivity of economies of societies, communities and organisations, as well as the manner in which individuals interact with the built environment. FM affects the health, well being and quality of life of much of the world’s societies and population […]

Welcoming 2021

  2020 has certainly been full of uncertainties, challenges and threats for all. We have worked on these and great opportunities have emerged for us and our clients.  Working together with our clients we sharpened our tools and developed new methodologies to help develop more resilient and sustainable organisations. Our quiver is now full and ready […]

Cash Flow Management

When you have cash or in any way funds available you can steer your business in the direction you want. Cash shortage either because of general economic downturns or due to bad CFM practices or lack of any systematic CFM practices, stops the engine and then you are stuck with non-value adding assets and the […]

CBA Chief Executive Officer Honored by CyS

Our CEO, Louis M. Loizou, was recently honored by the Cyprus Organization for Standardization (CYS) for his long term outstanding contribution to the development and promotion of standards through his participation to CEN/ISO Technical/Project Committees as National Representative /Technical Expert.   He is currently participating in the following Standardization Technical Committees: CEN/TC 447 – Horizontal […]

Our CEO was the Cyprus National Delegate and Convenor to ISO PC 280

From improving processes to boosting profits, management consultancies can make a huge difference to the organizations they work with. Clarity and transparency are the keys to success –for both parties. A new standard just published aims to help. Offering specialist sector knowledge and experience, it is no wonder more and more organizations are turning to […]

Carbon Footprint

A carbon footprint is defined, as the total amount of greenhouse gases, GHG, produced to directly and indirectly support human activities, usually expressed in equivalent tonnes of Carbon Dioxide, CO2e, which allows the different gases to be comparable to a calculation basis where a unit is a unit of carbon dioxide, CO2. The requirement to reduce […]