Welcoming 2021


2020 has certainly been full of uncertainties, challenges and threats for all. We have worked on these and great opportunities have emerged for us and our clients.  Working together with our clients we sharpened our tools and developed new methodologies to help develop more resilient and sustainable organisations. Our quiver is now full and ready to help you master the uncertainties, manage the challenges and develop.

2021 will be the testing ground of those organisations that want to be in control of their futures.  It will not be easy, but teamwork and synergies can deliver results.

If you are ready to look at the future with confidence click Yes, I am ready.

Happy New Year

Cash Flow Management

When you have cash or in any way funds available you can steer your business in the direction you want. Cash shortage either because of general economic downturns or due to bad CFM practices or lack of any systematic CFM practices, stops the engine and then you are stuck with non-value adding assets and the cost of maintaining. Good management practices and indeed the legal framework dictate that business owners / directors make sure that at any time they have enough cash to sustain their position in the market… click here more